The Wandering Bears - Meet our family of four living an alternative life.


Thanks for visiting our website. We are the Wandering Bears. James, Amy, Holly and Forrest. in 2017 we decided to take the plunge into seeking a different way of bringing our kids up, a different way of living our lives. We bought a 1970’s coach, stripped it out and started work turning it into our full time home.



More than just an old bus, Our Home.


Meet “Monty” - Our 1972 Bristol LH. Chassis built by Bristol, a part of British Leyland then driven to Scarborough, UK, for a body build and a fit out by Plaxton’s. After years of carrying holiday makers, commuters and school children around the country, Monty was retired until we came across him in January 2017 when we snapped him up to restore him and make him our home.